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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 27, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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a blizzard on the other side of the country is wreaking havoc on the bay area travelers. good morning to you welcome to monday it's december 27th i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm tori campbell in for pam cook. let's get a quick look at weather and traffic. steve. >> thank you very much. we do have partly cloudy skies. high today a lot of mid 50s a few upper 50s. we are looking far possibility of rain but when? we'll take a look at that in five minutes. here is sal. >> steve right now westbound 24 looking pretty good heading out to the mccarthur maze i mean the tunnel. traffic looks good and all the way up to oakland. this is a look at oakland. traffic is moving well in both directions here. also if you drive south toward
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hayward. there is a chase in the east bay in the last two hours. the chase ended up in oakland. let's go to claudine wong who is live where the chase ended. claudine. >> reporter: good morning. we are at 11th and brush. the you can see behind me the tow truck taking away the vehicle. we're going to show you where it ended. it ended because that car wreck down. the suspect ran through that fence. took down that fence ran down that hill. that's the 980 down that hill. oakland police ended up catching him running along the police with the chp. that's how it ended. let's tell you how it started. this is video of the man they say they pulled over around 3:45 this morning around park. they pulled him over because he was we'ving -- weaving and
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driving i ratically. when they tried to ask him for identification he took off. that's what started this chase that went over several freeways and surface streets for about an hour. it really only ended because the suspect's car broke down and that's what lead him off the 980. now we don't know much about the suspect expect they say he was on patrol out of alameda county. he did not have any weapons on him. the chase reached 90 miles an hour on the freeway. 30 miles an hour on the surface streets. we are trying to talk to three officers involved in this to chase down all the details. we did talk to the chp about the decision to chase this man for so long and through the streets and surface streets. we'll tell you what they had to
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say. time now 5:02. one game left on the season the 49ers fired their coach. mike singletary got the boot after the 49ers lost to the rams knocking them out of the playoffs for the seventh straight year. tara moriarty is live with that story. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we are hear reports that singletary was fired on the plane ride home from st. louis last night. we are here live as you mentioned at team head quarter where a press conference is scheduled for later this morning. 49 president jed gave zip l tear -- singletary the ax after the painful loss yesterday. it culminated a frustrating season in which san francisco was the pick of many to win the nfc west and to make matters worst singletary got in a
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heated exchange with troy smith in the third quarter. here's what singletary had to say after the game. >> it's very disappointing. the words can't express the disappointment that the players feel or myself or the staff. very disappointing. >> reporter: now singletary did issue a statement saying after he was fired one of the greatest experiences of my life was having the opportunity to coach the san francisco -- san francisco 49ers. what made it special were the players. many said they knew that singletary's firing was coming. he himself had been a defensive player and never a head coach at any level. otherwise criticize him for lacking createtivity. singletary still has two years and $5 million left on his contract.
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yorca said that money is no problem this time around. we are here live in santa clara tara moriarty. 5:04. a monster winter storm continues to smack the east coast with blizzard conditions expected to slow traffic. getting around by car extremely difficult with residents being urged to take extra precautions on the roadways. the snow combined with heavy winds stranded bus, train, and airline passengers with thousands of flights being canceled. kraig debro is live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tori. of course when there are problems it always effects what happens here. no snow at sfo but snow back east means problems back here. jfk hundreds of passengers are effected by this.
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we checked the kiosk this morning. american has six or seven flights back east to new york jfk airport. most of them are on time according to the signs but they are not going to be sure until later this morning if they are going to be able to take off and land there. those airports closed until 2:00 p.m. east coast time. you figure they take off here around 7:00 and they get back here around 3:00. theoretically it can happen but right now we have thousands of passengers stranded. u.s. airways already announced cancellations of 110 flights just today. it's not just sfo or la guardia or jfk that that is effected. more than 1400 flights out of
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nyc was canceled. >> literally as i sat down and took off my jacket i looked at my phone and checked the connecting flight it says canceled. i guess i will hang out here and get ahold of friends. >> reporter: amtrak was also effected by the major snowstorm. they are canceling flights into d.c., baltimore, chicago, carolinas and heard of delays as far as south as atlanta as the winter weather is going south as well. still they will see cancellations. in fact, we had a football game an nfl game set for philadelphia last night. they canceled that game because of the heavy snow there. and clearly it's effecting the airports as well. we hope to check with the duty manager here about how it will effect sfo and how you should
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plan your day if you are traveling. reporting live at sfo kraig debro. >> thanks. we'll learn how the travel conditions are shaping up on the east coast this morning with a live report from la guardia airport. some are calling it hotel la guardia with hundreds of stranded passengers. we now know the identity of the body found days ago. casey speed of santa rosa was found near the community of strawberry. he went missing december 10th. his wife said he fell overboard and he was not wearing a life jacket. a bird watcher discovered his body friday. the coast guard believes his death was an accident. a backlash against the antioch city council as they decided to laze off police officers. the clock is ticking and six police officer will be laid
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off. the antioch police union is posting fliers showing the faces and contact information for all five city council members and city manager hoping residents will reach out to them. they have been forced to impose the layoffs because of the police unions unwillingness to make concessions. the negotiation between the police union and city will continue this week if the layoffs take effect antioch will have 98 officers protecting a city of 100,000. . >> a drop in traffic deaths over -- a drop in traffic deaths over the holiday weekend. 85 drivers were arrested here in the bay area with no fatal crashes reporting. statewide police officers arrested 105 drivers. but there were only three traffic deaths across
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california. time now 5:09 let's go to samup sal. what is happening on the roads? >> not much. we expect this week to be light. people still have time off. schools have their winter breaks. we hope to have a nice day on the commute. so far it looks pretty good on 80 westbound. no major problems heading out to the san francisco area and no problems if you are driving across the bridge. looking a the the bay bridge toll plaza you can see it's light. we're not expecting a big commute. we don't have a lot going on right now. northbound 280 getting up to highway 17 is off to a very nice start. as you look at the southbound freeways as a whole, off to a very good start. let's go to steve. thank you. we do have a little bit of a break today in advance of a system that will be here tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon probably opinion we still have to deal with thinking fog. last night rain moved out.
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but skies are clearing out. temperatures in the 40s for many. a few showers. 40s for many. palo alto the coolest at 43. the system that will be here tomorrow will stall out tomorrow. a good 1-2 inches of rain out of that. until then we have fog and sun. until the thick fog minly north bay and east bay. we have mostly cloudy skies. 50s for your temps. few mid 50s to upper 50s. then we turn colder. we have colder conditions wednesday. dry thursday. cool and breezy. it does look like new years eve comes in and brings us rain. it may turn out to be a happy new year for story owners as they look back a on their holiday profits. they predict sales will job 3.3% from last year. this would make this year the best holiday shopping season
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for retailers since 2007. many stores are trying to keep the momentum going by offering more discounts. >> with have gift card shoppers coming in. we still get some of the christmas shopping in. >> nationally 2007 was the largest holiday sales ever with $452.8 billion. prediction for this year $451.5 billion. >> that is a lot of money. >> uh-huh. as we told you earlier that east coast blizzard has been frustrating travelers every place. how the passengers are coping and how traffic is keeping up now. the changes that could be coming to prevent cell phone bill shock. good morning northbound 101 right here at san francisco looking pretty good. approaching the 80 split. we'll tell you more about the
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morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning to you. welcome back. time now 5:15. stranded air travelers are packing airports nation-wide on this morning after the monster storm forced the cancellations of thousands of flights in and out of the northeast. our reporter patricia woo is live. how are things going out there?
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>> reporter: pretty slow going given a all three airports remain closed. the storm has let up. it's still pretty windy. that's why the airports are not expected to open until later this afternoon. even then it still may be tough going. hundreds of flights here have already been canceled for today. it's something air travelers are not used to this time of year. an empty airport. has grounded hundreds of flights. in new york where 15-20 inches of snow and wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour republic expected it could be days before the backlog clears. >> when you are ready to go home you are ready to go home.
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>> reporter: from -- amtrak was forced to stop some of its -- and those snowplow have been put to work to make things safer. the message is similar. stay put until the bad weather runs out. >> please don't get on the roads unless you absolutely have to. >> reporter: certainly good advice. here is a tip if you have a flight into or out of the airport call your airline before head together airport. reporting live back to you dave. >> thank you. on our channel 2 website you can check on flight delays and see the latest travel
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conditions. just go to click on the holiday travel tab. still nonword on a court -- still no word on a court date. he was arrested last thursday evening by a highway patrol officer who says the councilman was speeding and making unsafe lane changes. he was booked on suspicion of misdemeanor drive being he later submitted to a blood test. robert gibbs says the guantanamo bay prison will not close down any time soon. he believes it is a recruiting tool for islamic terrorists but congress just passed a pentagon budget that fore bids funding for an alternate prison relocating prisoners to united states or sending detainees to
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certain countries. 5:18. early next month the san jose city council will start redrawing the boundaries of council districts. that is required once every ten years. this can effect which communities city council members represents. on its january 11th meeting that will pick a advisory committee. the afcc is planning to approve new rules to protect cell phone users to be hit with unexpected charges that can add to up thousands of dollars. the fcc says 1-6 has been hit with bill shock. two-thirds that have complained has been hit extra charges of $100 or more. and 20% has an exophoria thousand -- has an extra thousand dollars. time now 5:19 let's check in with sal. coming in it seems quiet.
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everyone behaving? >> yeah. and there is a little bit of fog that i saw dave and tori on the way in this morning on the bay bridge as i drive from san francisco to oakland. it's kind of thick on that lower deck. just be careful if you drive that way. we don't have anything major let's go to san mateo bridge. there is no fog there. the most of time we have delays it's because of our old airport. so if you're taking a flight you should call your carrier. provided they answer the phone. go online and see if you can do that and show up the the airport be prepared to weight. northbound and southbound traffic. we are not expecting a huge delay at the stand. let's go to steve. thank you. we do have fog that is the main
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story. and tomorrow we do have rain. 33 up in reno. 22 in tahoe. skies are mostly clear. a little bit of rain on the northwest coast. it's very, very light. we won't worry about it today. 40s showing up. a lot of 40s. next one is lining itself up. this one looks like a pretty good punch to it. you see it rueing up every the ridge. it looks like tuesday afternoon we could get 1-2 inches of rain. after that fog in the morning it will be mostly sunny. few upper 50s for many. 56 concord. livermore 57. same for san mateo. a little warmer toward san jose. colder with showers. in fact much colder as we head toward thursday. dry it looks like friday morning will be all right.
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european markets follow the lead of investigators in the far east heading mostly lower. china, shanghai composite fell nearly 2% as beijing rose to raise interest rates. japan nikkei bucked the trend and gained .7. it looks like wall street will be following the trend from china to europe. the markets will closed friday. the dow will start the morning at 11, 473. the wall street journal named apple ipad as the best digital product of the year. the paper says the ipad large selection of apps keeps it
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ahead of similar projects but they warn about privacy links. those includes the personal details of the owner such as gender and location. concert ticket prices may be quiet this year. a lot of -- attendance dropped 12%. concert owners plan to make the jar more shorter. the band zz top announces they will -- the average price last year was $55. it's 5:23 impersonating someone else on facebook and twitter it's a bad idea and it's about to be against the law. also the fcc approves for
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the first time ever rules to regulate interest laws. off to a nice start on this monday after christmas. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning. we have thick fog out there. once that gives away it will be mostly sunny. a little bit warmer toward the south bay. it's 5:26.
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the federal commission agency -- republicans in congress are vowing to repeal them. as ktvu alison burns reports the gop is accusing the fcc and obama administration of power graph that destroy the internet as we know it. >> reporter: the fcc goal sounds noble to protect consumer rights to access anything online. >> to go where that want, say where what they want. >> reporter: new fcc rules ban internet service providers. companies like com cast, verizon, and at & t for blocking or limiting their syces. the companies will try to pick winners and loser online to maximize their own profits. >> what we are trying to head off are changes that would close the internet, stifle the
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incredible innovation and investment that we see. >> reporter: republicans are not buying it. they say nothing is broken. >> the interneat is an invaluable resource. >> reporter: and a republican on the fcc is issuing this warning about the potential of new government intervention. >> less investments, less innovation, increase business costs, increased prices for consumers. >> reporter: at the same time consumer groups say the rules should have gone further. providers have the green light to charge you more. f for example if you down load a lot of movies on netflix you might pay more to your internet provider. how it will all play out is still unclear. the new rules are facing challenges in congress and in court. reporting from washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel 2 new. time now 5:28.
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a new law takes effect january 1st. it could mean heavy fines and jail times if you impersonate someone online. offenders could face a thousand dollar fine and up to a year in jail. it also allows victims to sue in court. and it's meant to prevent people from embarrassing or harassing others on social networking sites. 49ers head coach mike singletary was out of a job this morning. who will lead the team this weekend? a man suspected of dui takes the chp on an hour-long chase. ly tell you how well -- i will tell you how well it ended.
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good morning to you. welcome back. monday december 27th i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. pam cook has the day off. it's 5:32. here's a quick check at traffic and weather. steve. >> all right. we do have partly cloudy skies. that almost clear out. mainly north bay and east bay. after that we are looking for mostly sunny skies. highs mid 50s. a few upper 50s. rain returns tuesday. what about after that? we'll have that in five minutes. here is sal. >> right now cocaine r westbound 24 traffic looks
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pretty good as you drive up to the tunnel there. as a matter of fact the commute looks pretty good. this is a look at the bay bridge. there is a fog advisory a dense fog advisory for the bay bridge. we'll talk more about that later. we do have a chase that ended up happening throughout the east bay. this overnight and ktvu claudine wong is live in oakland where the chase came to a sudden end. claudine. >> reporter: good morning, sal. the scene is clear over here at 11th and brush. chp charged with trying to figure out who this suspect is and why they took him on this hour-long chase. i want to show you where the car was broken down over here on brush street. if you take a look and pan over to this fence right here. this is where the suspect took off when he got out of that car. he broke that fence in. rolling down the embankment. he did not very far. he was tackled by chp and
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oakland police. we want to show you a video of the suspect that was taken to the scene here. police say they tried to pull him over around 3:45 this morning on park street. chp he was says he was weaving and they thought he was driving under the influence. he did pull over but he wouldn't roll down his window. after a minute he took off. >> speeds up to 90 miles an hour initially. surface streets average speed 30-40 miles an hour. the vehicle started smoking after the chase began. >> reporter: nonidea how long this chase would have gone if
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his car didn't break down. as far as he who he is and if he is under the influence chp trying to chase that down. we saw him going through id and personal involvings. they say they are still trying to confirm that they do believe he is on probation out of alameda county. as far as the chase goes. the chp says there were three u three officers at any given time involved in the chase. other officers were clearing the intersection. they say this chase was completely meeting department policy requirements. live in oakland claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. 5:35 the 49ers have a new head coach this morning. jim tomsula will take the helm on sunday. mike singletary was fired after yesterday's loss. that loss eliminated san francisco from playoff contention for the seventh straight year. singletary is a hall of fame
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linebacker but never a head coach at any level until he took over that position for the 49ers in the middle of the 2008 season. he made a name for himself with his passionate speech after his first game. >> cannot play with him. cannot win with them. cannot coach with them. cannot do it. i want winners. >> the 49ers won just 18 times in 40 games under singletary. jim tomsula will be announced as interim head coach. he's in his fourth season with the 49ers. he was once a head coach in the old nfl europe league. jed says he plans to hire a general manager during the off season before hire a full-time head coach. an eastbound blizzard is effecting travel right now. kraig debro is at afo.
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>> reporter: good morning we have been here a number of times on holiday get away days. as you take look at line there is is nowhere near as much as you can see. could have something to do with the delays. we just spoke with the sfo duty manager. 20 inbound flights and six outbound flights are canceled. so far no snow at sfo. means thousands of passengers are stranded. airlines at sfo canceled 33 inbound and out bound flights. heavy snow in places like new york, boston and philly. the nfl canceled the football game in philly last night because of the snow. american airlines has several flights scheduled to department for jfk. all but one is expected to leave on time. they will be closed until 2:00 p.m. eastern standard time.
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that has one passenger thinking about alternative plans. >> still kind of scared because i'm not going with my mom. it's the first time. >> reporter: that is your biggest concern? not the flight delay? >> yeah. i'm concerned i might die on the plane. [ laughter ] >> i guess we will hang around and spend a couple more hours with my daughter. >> reporter: now so there are several flights to back east cancel as well. boston and philly. also la guardia as well. the problem with flight leaving here at 7:00 as several flights do with american is that 's an eight hour flight. so if the airport doesn't hope until will h and you are leaving here at 7:00 you would get there at 3:00 p.m. eastern time. we will have to check with american to see why they believe that some of the 7:00
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a.m. flights will land at jfk even though the airport is not supposed to be open until 4:00 p.m.. 5:38 concord police are investigating a possible drive- bay shooting. neighborhoods reported hearing -- police found two parked cars with bullet holes in them but no one was hit. police say to-year-old hector flores was shot wednesday night. cortez and avalos was pronounced dead at the scene. three others were hurt in the shooting at eighth lane and lyndon avenue. no one has been arrested. witnessens told men they were
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awning machine. a former dog walker accused of steeling his clients jewelry is in court today. nicholas was given keys to varis homes so he could walk dogs. and that he stole jewelry worth more than $5500 on different occasions. he's in jail now on $50,000 braille. it shows the program this year amean loan -- crime stoppers began in the early 90s. since then rewards have been offered in other violent
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crimes. 20 minutes now before 6:00. a man and woman are say this morning after their boat flipped. the two were crab fishing when a large wave capsized their boat. both were wearing life jackets and able to make it so shore on their own. they were not seriously hurt. time now 5:40 a peek from today. the california line will get $16 million in upgrades. bus service will be substituted for the cable cars between the financial district to china town and on to knob hill. that work is scheduled to be finished by next july. >> i'm sure the cable cars are see how the rest of the commute
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is going. the rest of the week will be pretty light. >> it will be light. a lot of schools still have time off and a lot of employees do too. so should be nice for the rest of us that have to go to work. let's go outside. i want to show you the san rafael. we were checking the vehicles for picks or some sort of police activity. what you need to know is that car is gone from the freeway. also this morning we're looking at bay bridge. there is a dense fog advisory now issued by chp for the bridge and also for the va inertia bridge and carkinish bridge. we are looking at san francisco. 101 is moverring well approaching the 80 split. here is steve. all right. we do have a lot of fog. looking at san jose was clear
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about an hour ago and now it snuck in. a lot of fog south bay. napa saved some fog. we do have a drier day today. quick forecast does have an interesting week. we start off mostly sunny today. after the fog we will bring rain in. it could be a quick shot of 1-2 inches of rain. wednesday showers and turning colder. we'll be all right. thursday and then friday it looks like we clouded up. rain right now is on tap for new years eve. we still have four days to tackle that. today we see mostly sunny skies. the system is lurking not far away. 46 redding. 41 sacramento. 33 in reno. 22 in tahoe. all 40s here. the coolest concord-livermore. fog will be in the forecast for this morning. 45 at oakland and temperatures will be held in check but they will slightly warm up in the south bay until this system
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comes in tomorrow. it looks pretty good. it will start driving south ward and behind that the cold air will come in. fog and then sun. mostly sunny. some of that fog is really thick. 50s for temperatures. mid 50s for some. mostly sunny today and cloudy. it looks like afternoon and evening. cold we are showers on wednesday. we do get a break on thursday. the morning lows will be very cold. it looks like we clouded up friday evening. >> for the new year. thank you, steve. 5:44. the new year will mean a handful of news laws. starting1st the state is creating an internet based exchange to compare prices for health insurance. other new laws include a measure allowing parents to be charged with a misdemeanor if their child misses school and a
5:45 am
new year producing an ounce of marijuana. time now 5:44 we will tell you about a holiday tour that ends in tragedy. american tourists are involved in this in egypt. find out how the owner of two dogs went missing and with they are calling a christmas miracle. san jose looks very nice going up to 117. another look straight ahead.
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good morning. thick fog out there. temperatures in the 40s. fog is now popping up around san jose. some of that visibility less than a quarter mile. >> thank you. welcome back.
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good morning to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we following for you right now. the 49ers fired head coach mike singletary with one game left in this season. singletary was a head coach since the middle of 2008 season. the team won 18 out of 40 games under him. defensive line jim tomsula will replace him. thousands of flights in and out of the east coast were canceled yesterday with hundreds more already this morning. travelers are being advised give yourself extra time especially if you are thinking about heading to the northeast. and the california highway patrol reports a drop in traffic fatalities over the holiday weekend. there were only three traffic deaths across this state. that's down from 12 last year. no fatal crashes reported here in the bay area.
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5:48. nine men are in a british court today for conspiring explosives. the men were among 12 arrested last week. the other three men were not charged. officials say the men were suspected of planning a large scale terror attack on british landmarks and public spaces. in egypt all of the injured passengers have been transferred to cairo after a tour bus accident that killed eight americans. the bus was one of three vehicles heading to the ancient temples. the investigators hit a damaged truck that was parked by the side of the road. the bus driver and a tour guide were also injured in the crash. time now 5:49. a recent federal report says the failures that lead up to the gas line explosion are tied to pg&e and state regulators. the san francisco chronicle reports investigators were
5:50 am
exploring the quality of the wells along the pipeline. two-thirds of pg&e natural gas pipelines all over the state were built before 1970. experts say the welds used on the pipes were most likely older models. and the new york times says the results of its own in-depth investigation into the gulf oil spill show there were not proper inspections in place for the oil workers in case of an explosion. also the time says the workers were not trained to do in such a case. 11 workers died in that oil rig explosion. veterinarians will decide today whether an injured california sea lion will be euthanized. silent night was takenned to
5:51 am
sausalito marine mammal office. they will see if the bullet also ruined his left eye. if silent night is completely blind, vets say they cannot release him back into the wild. and an oakland couple is celebrating the return home of their two dogs. they escaped from their home a week ago thursday. kevin was found two days later on the side of the road badly beaten and shot. there is now a $12,000 reward being offered for information whoever injured the dog kevin. time now 5:51. let's see what is happening on the road now. sal still realtively quiet. >> it should be for the entire week. we should be watching what we need to warn you about is the fog advisory for the bay bridge. so we will be watching that. san mateo brim not foggy there.
5:52 am
traffic looks good over to the peninsula. this morning we are looking at highway 24 westbound. that also is a nice drive. certainly a lot of people are going to work. there is a percentage that is not. it should be an easy drive. this morning east commute on the bay bridge it looks good. welcome back steve. thank you. we do have thick fog. san jose enneagon card -- concord and napa. calming down rain wise. a noticeably colder and it looks like we get more rain late friday into early sat. that's the way things look right now. we're between systems. one that came bay yesterday and one from last night we're getting waiting for the next system. that will be here tomorrow. you can see the rain right there. some of the green turns to
5:53 am
white. eureka to crescent city. if you're heading up there you could get a few light showers. 41-49. palo alto at 42. our system right there is looking good. behind that the pattern is taking shape. it's going up in the gulf of alaska and it will carve itself out of it. that will be the source of our colder air mass. the rain and snow forecast today it's okay. here comes the clouds. rain makes it on the coast. here comes our system. tomorrow morning mendocino county and lake county. and then it starts to make its impact in the north bay. where you see the yellow. the ride in tomorrow may be fog related. the ride home tomorrow if you are working you could encounter some rain. as we go into wednesday that's the cold air working its way in. definitely a change in the
5:54 am
pattern. fog and sun. thick fog. mostly sunny. forecast highs mid 50s to upper 50s. days are still too short. a lot of moisture in the air. 59 san jose. mostly sunny. rain moves in tomorrow afternoon. we get a break thursday. all right friday morning but then rain today. it's 5:53. it was a very apple christmas on apple products topped the most gifted items in all the categories. apple tv and aye pads. there were some cases people said they wanted something else and were given an apple product instead. i'm sure if you get it, you're still pretty happy. the clock is ticking for your christmas tree. the right way to expose for
5:55 am
your tree. plus a bay area church that may not have a prayer of making it to the new year.
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good morning to you. welcome back. union city holy family catholic
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ethnic mission held its last service yesterday. the church has to close because it's in need of major repairs. the cost to repair the church and bring it up to code is estimated to be $.5 million. until they can find another church, they will be attending services at st. joseph center at hay ward. time now 5:58. several bay area cities will help you recycle your christmas trees. san francisco will offer recycling this year allock with the city of santa cruz. both will pick up the tree from your curb starting next week. police the tree next to your crash cans on your usual pick up day. make sure to take off the decorations. san jose is accepting trees this week. bay area travel plans are
5:59 am
turned upside down this morning. how a blizzard condition on the east coast has a ripple effect that stretches all the way to the bay area. plus the ax falls for the 49ers. who gets the boot and what happens to the team now.


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